Senior Opt Out

My first Adobe Illustrator piece was an infographic about Queens of The Stone Age and their newest album …Like Clockwork. Now that I am going to be doing the Nazareth show, I want to do something inspired by that albums artwork.

The artist Boneface did the artwork for the covers and some of the music videos. I liked the vibe and I wanted to do something like it.

I’ve been working on a tora-con cosplay recently and I was looking at different cosplays, so when I went to do the Boneface inspired art on my tablet I ended up doing a Japanese kawaii meets Boneface art.

That sorta really creepy and weird meets cute and pretty mash-up seemed like a cool opt out idea.


I work pretty fast in adobe illustrator so if I plan out enough time to work on it I’ll probably finish in a week or two.8c3b6550-7d33-4a03-b0e3-bcb748703d07

so like I started this drawing but most of the colours are fillers. I want the skin to the that grey purple dead tone, but I’m probably gonna change a lot. Keep in mind I drew this thing with my finger, I want to render more detail in the illustrator version.


The basic idea is a kawaii Japanese girl gone bad lol.

I want to incorporate Japanese popular into the piece

  • dyed cosplay wig hair
  • surgical mask
  • teddy bear hood
  • puffy eyelids and large eyes
  • ect.

The gone wrong part includes

  • piercings hooking the mask to the face
  • stitches trying to hold the eyes closed
  • patchy pale purple skin
  • beat up teddy bear suit (the eyes will be buttons that have the same stitching as the eyes)
  • giant teeth on mask, long monster tongue
  • teeth along hoodie
  • patches ( I’m gonna come up with separate designs for it  though, then bring it into adobe illustrator.)

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